Kolts SRTN Benzel

This beautiful produce some amazing babies for us the past 2 years. He is a small sized Nubian which worked well for producing Mini Nubians in our breed program. 

Hoppin Hooves Goldie grade

Sire: Kolts SRTN Benzel


Dam: Ohare's Bambi

Grade 1


Hoppin Hooves Maxi grade


Sire: Kolts SRTN Benzel


Dam: Busy Bee Farms Nellie


Flint Creek Firefly nigerian dwarf

Firefly is one of my first goats. Super super sweet. She is a great nanny too. When a couple doelings last year lost their mommy do to complications Firefly was our "to go" girl for nanny. 

Nigerian Dwarf

Sire: TX Twincreeks RM Silvio 8B

Dam: The Flint Creek Sinnamon

Carpenter Ranch Enchanted Rose 4th Gen


Sire: Green Gables Grant General Sherman

Dam: Rocking Goat Mya

Ohare's Bambi grade

This girl is super sweet in your pocket kinda goat. Great Green Gables bloodlines and good milker.

Bambi is where I started. She is actually an F2 but when I purchased her I wasn't into anything other than the milk. We have her registered now with the MDGA but she is grade. Her grand daughters will be put back into the mini books. I liked her personality and the fact she will give a quart of milk in a 12 hour period that she was worth us keeping her to bring down her generations. I have 4 of her daughters. Rosie and Goldie and soon to be posted Clover and Violet

Hoppin Hooves Birdie 

3rd gen grade


This pretty girl is 3rd gen grade but she has great milking lines, conformation that we decided to develop this line also producing new lineage. Her kids will be F1 experimental.

Sire: Golden Plains Aiden

Dam: Hoppin Hooves Rosie


Hoppin Hooves Annebelle F1


This is my little F1. Don't let her size and looks deter ya. She throws some purrdy babies.

Sire:Kolts SRTN Benzel


Dam: Flint Creek Firefly

Nigerian Dwarf