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Home is where the goats are.


Thank you for visiting Hoppin Hooves. We started our adventure in goats because we love the milk and the cheese. Be believe living closer to the land is a healthier way to live so we homestead our land raising our own goats, chickens and lots of gardening, fruit trees and bee keeping. When starting we were not particular what breed of goat we purchased but over time we discovered the Mini Nubian breed and fell in love. They are indeed the perfect small homestead goat you could own in my opinion. They eat 1/2 the feed of a standard sized Nubian and still produce about 2/3 of the milk quantity. They also retain a high butter fat ranging typically from 6% - 10% in their milk and that comes from both the Nigerian and the Nubian breeds which makes for amazing butter, and cheeses.

Our herds are tested clean for CAE and CL and Johnne's and we have a closed herd.  In our herds we strive to work towards the Mini Nubian goals of great milk production and beautiful conformation. Our herd has a few early generation that we produced from Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian.  We also have a couple of mini's that we had to start backwards on some of their paperwork putting them in the grade status even though they were F2, but in about 2 generation the lineage will be back in the mini nubian books. We decided to keep these because the amount of milk they produced was great and they had great mini nubian standard that it was worth the wait to develop them down in the paperwork side. We also have beautiful American and Purebred Mini's that we bought from amazing people from Washington to Montana. We have met some amazing and helpful people through all this an are thrilled to be a part of a great team.

This is a relatively new breed and there are many questions that people have in regards to breed levels with the MDGA and we hope to be able to educate you on how that works and also glean learning in the development of the breed as it progresses. 

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