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Purchase Agreement

The goats at Hoppin Hooves and B2B are always current on all their vaccinations, dewormings and routine testing of CAE, CL and Johne’s. A vaccination schedule will be provided with a bill of sale. All goats that leave our farm, to the best of our knowledge are in good health. A copy of the testing can be provided at buyer’s request. Currently we do not test for G6S, however it can be done at buyers request and expense. It is the buyer’s responsibility to investigate the requirements of what your state requires to own, purchase and transport goats. A health certificate can be provided at buyer’s expense. Some of these tests like Brucellosis requires time to be sent off so this need to be planned for in advance if you require tests like these prior to pick up or transport.


TRANSPORTATION: Transportation expenses and set up is the buyer’s responsibility. Hoppin Hooves and B2B will do what we can to work with the arrangement made. Please be responsible if you are hiring outside transport in selecting reputable transporters. You want to find someone that will provide the best stress-free care of your goats. Once the goats leave our farm, Hoppin Hooves and B2B are not responsible for the conditions that occur during transportation of your goat.


WORMS: Our goats have routine de-worming treatments. Goats are vulnerable to worms and need to be kept on a de-worming regiment. Stress from transport and entering new farms make goats more susceptible and need to receive follow up de-worming upon receiving and establishing new residency for optimal health. It is the buyers responsibility to find a de-worming regiment and treatment type that works for their goats. Coccidiosis is also a common factor in goats especially young kids. Please look for signs in their appetite and their stools for signs of possible problems and put them on a treatment for it as soon as possible. Corid added to the water will help control Coccidiosis.


PNEUMONIA: Pneumonia is also a possibility in traveling kids. If signs are present for pneumonia like congestion, snotty noses and excessive coughing please act promptly because it can take hold of young kids quickly. Take your goats temperature, if it is above 103.5, then call your vet immediately.


DEPOSITS/HOLDING TIMES: Kids will be held till they are at least 10 weeks of age. The buyer must pick up their goat within 3 weeks or less of the time specified of the kid’s readiness to leave or within 3 weeks of a weened/adult goat’s deposit is made. If goats are held longer than the specified date a $5 a day fee will be applied. A $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold/reserve any goat/kid. All deposits are applied to the final purchase cost of the goat and final purchase payment and testing/health certificate costs are to be made before pick-up.


Seller reserves the right to retain any goats that are born on our farms, Seller reserves the right to refuse service and sale of goats even if a deposit is made. This situation is rare but if seller refuses sale of service or goat after a deposit is made, then seller will refund deposit.

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